Karl (Charlie) Grimm

Clinical Director

Member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO)

Karl (Charlie) Grimm moved to Scotland in 2006 to follow his heart. He worked alongside Paul Gill and Pat Leith, founders of The Carrick Clinic getting to know many of the regular patients and receiving advanced training. He also has qualifications in Swedish Massage, Remedial Massage and Sports Massage and uses similar techniques to an osteopath or chiropractor without the high velocity thrusts used in those methods.

Karl is now the clinical director, along with his wife Pamela and runs the Pain Clinic at the Carrick. This specialist clinic evolved from Paul and Pat’s 35 years of experience. In these sessions, patients are given a consultation after which they have a combination of joint articulations, stretches and massage, followed by treatment on the interferential machine.

Karl is also a qualified Neurofeedback (NFB) trainer. NFB is a system developed to help children with ADHD and hyperactivity to learn to consciously control their brain waves. This helps them to learn how to be more calm and improve their concentration. Karl studied at the Neurofeedback Institute Switzerland and with Siegfried and Sue Othmer from the EEG Institute USA and went on to run a successful treatment centre in his native Germany. He also helped to found and run special holidays for children with ADHD.