Nutrition lies at the core of our body’s capability to feel its best. The food we eat is quite literally what fuels our body and each of its trillions of cells. If we fail to provide high-quality fuel, we are not able to function optimally.

In order to make use of the fuel we ingest, our digestive system must be working well to break down and absorb nutrients from food.

As we are unique individuals, we each have different nutrition requirements that vary with our age, stress and activity levels, any illnesses and even with the seasons.

Pamela Spence Medical Herbalist & Clinical Director offers digestive assessment, realistic dietary advice, herbal and supplementary support as appropriate as part of her standard herbal medicine treatment. For any questions, or to book an appointment, please contact us.

Nutrition Prices 

Nutritional assessment, advice and treatment is part of a standard Herbal Medicine consultation so there is no extra charge. Costs listed below are for a Herbal Medicine consultation.

Treatment   Time Price
  Initial Consultation 1 hour  £60.00


Follow-up Consultations 30 mins


  Herbal medicine  per week  £6.00