Osteopathy is a method of assessing, treating and preventing a wide range of health problems, including persistent back pain,
shoulder pain, the symptoms of arthritis and some types of headache. Osteopathy helps to promote the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

Treatment may involve joint articulations, tissue massage or acupuncture. You may also benefit from balancing, strengthening or loosening exercises to do at home.

+++++ UPDATE +++++

As we are currently unable to give hands on treatments during the pandemic, osteopath Michael Rolls is now able to offer pain management and exercise rehabilitation sessions online. Self-care plans may involve exercises or stretches. 

Included in the consultation is a phone or email follow up to check how you are doing and answer any questions that may have come up .  depending upon the situation one appointment might be enough for a few weeks, or you may might need another appointment in 1-2 weeks. This treatment is suitable whether your issue is new or has been with you a while and can be for any of the joints in the body as well as the back.

Osteopathy Prices

Treatment   Time Price
Osteopathy Initial Consultation around 1 hour £50.00
  Follow-up Consultations around 30 mins £35.00
ONLINE ALL CONSULTATIONS up to 45 mins £35.00