Pain Clinic

Karl Grimm is our expert on back and joint pain. We call his clinic the Pain Clinic and he sees patients five days a week. Karl is the person you need to see if you are in pain. From joints out of alignment, to pulled muscles, sporting mishaps and old injuries, he will have a treatment strategy to bring you pain relief.

Karl uses joint mobilisation techniques (similar to an osteopath or chiropractor), massage, ultrasound and interferential treatment to take the pain out of your situation. He is also keen on teaching patients stretches and exercises they can carry out at home.

Karl’s treatments are based on The Carrick Clinic System devised by Paul Gill and Pat Leith back in 1991 and it’s a unique way of working with the spine and all the other joints in the body to relieve pain and discomfort.

Many of our patients come in regularly for maintenance treatments to maintain their mobility. Regular top ups allow much more control over long term back and joint problems – often resulting in less need for painkilling medication.

After an initial assessment, The Carrick Clinic system has three stages:

  • Joint mobilisation – Karl uses special stretches and neuromuscular techniques to release a joint that is out of alignment. This happens in much the same way as you would expect from an osteopath or chiroprator, but without using high velocity thrust. Karl uses a more gentle stretching technique – and you may still hear the familiar ‘pop’ as the joint moves back into place and releases air from the joint capsule.
  • Massage – a targeted massage helps the tissues around the affected joint to relax, helping reduce tension and pain and encouraging realignment.
  • Interferential treatment – the patient is put onto an interferential machine (rather like a large TENS machine) that gently delivers deep muscle relaxation and stimulates blood flow to the joints. Ultrasound can also be used at this stage to reduce inflammation in damaged tissues.

Pain Clinic Prices

Treatment Time Price
Pain Clinic First consultation around 1 hour £50.00
Repeat visits around 45 mins £40.00