Yoga is an excellent way to help keep your body supple and relaxed. Based on an ancient Indian tradition of movement and stretches, yoga helps you to improve core strength, help with aches and pains and de-stress.

Our yoga teacher, Heather Bird, practices Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa flow and brings those influences to her classes for improved flexibility, increased strength, tone and mental/emotional wellbeing. Yoga can bring benefits both physically and emotionally.

Classes at the Carrick Clinic are small allowing for lots of individual attention from our team of teachers. Yoga therapy classes run on a Saturday morning from 10-11.30am and cost £10 per person.

Heather also offers Yoga & Wellness coaching on Friday evenings. The classes last 2 hours and cost £25. There are 10 modules in the programme.

Heather uses a 10 step mindset realignment process developed by a top UK coach combined with other tools from reiki, yoga philosophy and years spent in personal development within the corporate and medical research world to take your goals to the next level, while focussing on maintaining your balance and energy levels.

The Yoga & Wellness programme helps you to look at areas of life including career, relationship, health and wellbeing and helps you to recognise subconscious patterns that can keep you from realising your dreams and potential.

To find out more visit Heather's website or contact us directly to arrange a chat.