At the Carrick Clinic we have several Pilates classes running throughout the year. Pilates can help to improve strength, flexibility, and posture and we have classes suitable for most ages and abilities. Our Pilates classes are small – with a maximum of 6 participants ensuring you get the attention you need.


The original Pilates matwork programme as developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century as part of his body conditioning system. This includes stretching and breathing and concentrates on stabilising the vital postural muscles alleviating stresses on the musculo-skeletal system. This type of Pilates is taught by Sandra Coull who has special training in working with people with osteoporosis.

Original Pilates Classes run on Friday mornings from 10.00 – 11.00am. Please contact us for more details.


Physiotherapist Susanna Edwards also runs unique Pilates-based Movement classes. These classes incorporate two main approaches: The new and fascinating perspective of Restorative Movement aims to re-align your body towards its ideal alignment, with the goals of functional strength, efficient movement and overall health in mind. The classes work your body differently from any other approach, as the approach has been developed by Katy Bowman using science and logic to load the joints and muscles in ways that bring about effective change. It goes beyond the class and into your life, where you learn that your everyday habits are the ones that are contributing to the symptoms you are facing. Prepare to make changes! You can find out more about this wonderful concept at nutritiousmovement.com.

Modified Pilates

In this type of Pilates, exercises have been adapted from classical Pilates to be suitable, safe and effective for those with some pain / stiffness or injuries. It uses a graded approach where you can work up the levels as your strength and skill level increases. Susanna’s goal is to guide you through the personal journey of getting to know your body better, and how to move and feel better too. You will be taught to activate your core and postural muscles and to strengthen, tone and stretch your whole body in a balanced and functional way, with gentle, yet effective exercises. The classes are a maximum of 5 people and allow for Susanna’s personal approach where individual needs and goals are considered. An initial face to face assessment session is not always necessary before starting the class, but can be helpful. However, Susanna would always aim to find out a little about you, your personal goals and your current level of fitness prior to attending the class.

Thursday mornings are suitable for beginners:

“Smooth Movers”: For those less used to an exercise class environment, or needing a little more time to get hold of the basics. Lots of education within this class!

“Stretch, Align and Centre”:

Suitable for those more used to an exercise class environment, busy mums or dads, and those who are aiming to improve for sport / physically challenging jobs and lifestyles.

Please contact us to reserve your place and for more information.